ACT Performance Street Clutch Kit Mini Cooper S 2002-2005

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ACT's ACT Performance Street Clutch Kit Mini Cooper S friction surface is SFI certified and is an excellent choice for modified, street driven cars and race cars. The SS disc provides quicker engagement than a stock surface and is quiet compared to other more aggressive friction surfaces. Coupled with the Heavy Duty pressure plate, this kit provides a 35% increase in clamp load. The sprung hub uses bushings and cone springs similar to OEM clutch discs; this creates frictional dampening that improves clutch life and reduces noise. The HDSS kit is suggested as a stock replacement or for light to moderately modified Mini Coopers, but requires a solid flywheel as this is a sprung hub kit. Torque capacity is rated at 338ft/lbs at the crank.

  • Friction Surface
  • Pressure Plate
  • Throw-out Bearing
  • Alignment Tool
Mini Coopers come from the factory with a dual mass (or sprung) flywheel and a solid hub clutch. If you have previously upgraded to a solid disc flywheel, you will need to purchase a sprung hub clutch to maintain proper clutch operation. If you are planning on using your ACT clutch kit with your factory flywheel, a solid hub disc is required. Please let us know what kind of flywheel you will be pairing with your clutch kit so the appropriate style disc can be ordered.

FITMENT: Mini Cooper S R53 2002-2006

Part Number:BM2-HDSS


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