Advan RZ Dark Gunmetallic Wheel - Universal

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These Advan RZ's are one-piece wheels combine high-quality casting methods with flow-forming production techniques. The flow-forming results in a lightweight and very still inner rim.

A crossover design that represents a fusion of 5-spoke and 10-spoke designs.

Two designs are available: a standard design and a GTR design with spokes that curve strongly toward the centre.

ADVAN Racing is cast on the rim between the spokes in letters 1mm high. After painting, the letters are engraved on the faces by 3D processing machine.

A special ADVAN Racing RZ decal between the nut holes is included.

Three colours include Racing Hyper Silver produced with the latest hyper-type coating material, a thick, clear Gun Metallic finish, and Bronze.

Compared to the RS, the cross-section shape is more curvilinear. This is a GTR Design cut, but the Standard Design follows the same theme. The dynamic design of billowy spokes, dipping toward the center of the wheel, sets this wheel apart from the RS.

The RZ features a crossover design that blends the 10-spoke and twin 5-spoke look. Bolt holes are not on the spoke extensions, but are placed between them, with additional reinforcement. This gives the RZ a whole new look. Of course, convex letters are embossed on the flange, with a process that maximizes shine and visual impact.

Universal Product This part is non application specific. Please verify compatibility before purchase. May require some modification for proper installation.

Neither cancellation, nor request for refund will be accepted, after the manufacturing process has begun (in 24 hours after order is placed).


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