Agency Power Equal Length Header Subaru WRX / STI 2002-2014

Agency Power
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Many Subaru owners want their turbo cars to spool up quicker and still deliver great horsepower and torque gains. With the new Agency Power equal length header this is absolutely possible. By implementing equal length tubing and a merged collector, Agency Power is able to improve your turbo spool up by 300rpm. When testing this on header on an upgraded turbo vehicle, AP were able to see gains on a Mustang Dyno of up to 30ft/lbs of torque and 20 wheel horsepower! With quicker turbo spool, both 60ft and ¼ mile times were improved at the drag strip. Due to the free flowing design of this header, you will see gains across the entire RPM range as exhaust flow is vastly improved. If you are looking for awesome bolt on power and have not considered a header, definitely pull the trigger!

The Agency Power equal length header features polished 304 stainless steel for a show quality finish. The header has CNC machined ½ inch thick flanges for maximum durability. Due to the equal length design, this will alter the distinct Boxer engine sound for a less rumbly, but sharper exhaust note.


  • Header to uppipe gasket included

Fitment: 08-14 WRX/02-14 STi


02-05 wrx requires 2.5l sti oil pan (on some)

06-07 wrx requires sti oil cooler and sti oil pan


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Great header

, Dec 28, 2011
I bought these headers while they where on sale, which made them more appealing then they already were. One of the downsides of this header is that it only came with the collector to uppipe gasket and not the head to header gasket. The install was simple and flawless. There was no fitment issues, and the factory skid plate bolted up without touching the header! The car did get a little quiter, more like how an evo sounds. Upon startup there is almost no difference between uel and el, once you rev it or start moving is when you can really hear the difference. I haven't had it tuned yet but from what I can tell my car starts boosting about 500 rpm's sooner. I would recommend these headers to anyone that is tired of that (boxer rumble) , wants to finally finish up the rest of your exhaust and wants to gain a few hp!


, Oct 1, 2011
quality stuff here. no fitment issues bolted right up. Agency Power from front to rear bumper what a nice sound .

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