Alta V2 Adjustable Rear Control Arms 02-06 Mini & 07+ R56 Mini / S

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Lose up to 6lbs off your Mini Cooper, Upgrade your stock Rubber Bushings to Spherical Bearings, and add that Rear Camber Adjustment your Mini Cooper needs with the NEW Version 2 Alta Rear Control ArmMost Mini Coopers don't come with any way to adjust rear wheel camber so by adding one or two sets of Alta rear control arms will allow for camber adjustment. Replacing the lower control arm will allow for the bottom of the wheel to be adjusted in or out, where as replacing the upper control arm allow for the top of the wheel to be adjusted in or out. This is important as if you have upgraded wheels and tires, you can gain some fender clearance by adjusting both. This is also an upgrade to consider when you lower your Mini since your rear camber measurement gets push out of spec. Another feature is being able to adjust the rear track of your Mini.

The track is the measurement of the distance between the left and right wheels. Improving the track of your Mini will make the car more stable while cornering and make the car feel more solid overall. In order to properly adjust track, two sets of Alta control arms will need to be purchased. Along with the added camber adjustments these Alta rear control arms feature spherical bearings to replace the stock rubber bushings. These rubber bushing are fine for normal driving but for performance driving this will cause the rear end to come out of spec. The Alta V2 rear control arms use that solid spherical bearing type of rod end which still allows for smooth precise movement of control arm and gives you more than the necessary strength needed for this application. Again buying two sets of Alta control arms will make the above benefits twice as good as just one set.

Adding two sets is highly recommended for anyone that races their Mini in autocross events, or track event. Lastly the Alta version 2 control arms are made from custom extruded 6061t6 aluminum. This allows for a special tube to be created with a particular inner diameter to maximize weight and strength. This combined with the included lightweight aluminum spacers, saves 1.55lbs on each arm- times this by 4 and you just knocked off more than 6lbs of unsprung weight. Each kit includes: 2 rods, 4 rod ends, 8 spacers, install instructions, bolts, and hardware. FITMENT: 07+ R56 Mini Cooper S/ R55 Mini Cooper s.

Part Number: AMP-SUS-100


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