AMR Front Mount Intercooler 2011 Ford F-150 Ecoboost

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The AMR Front Mount Intercooler System has been designed for maximum efficiency. Unlike competitors intercoolers, AMR's design is a complete package. All of the factory intercooler components are changed. Giving maximum air flow to our high efficiency core.

AMR's unique 5ply reinforced silicone boost tubes keep for a smooth air travel and tested under the most extreme conditions to ensure durability as well as longevity.

One of the unique designs, is the use of the factory BOV on the 2013 models. This allows the customer to retain there stock BOV rather than eliminating.

The AMR intercooler system sits in factory location. Unlike competitors, whose intercooler systems sit in front of the oil cooler and radiator causing extensive air flow and cool down restrictions due to the intercooler blocking proper air travel as the factory intended.

On the throttle body tubing, AMR has done something special. We have designed an additional plate for taping in methanol injector, NOS, or an other additive you are looking to add to your vehicle!


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