ATP 60 Trim Stage 3 Turbo Kit for SRT-4


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Looking for affordable power in your 2003-2005 Dodge Neon SRT-4? Look no further than the ATP T3/T4 Turbo Kit! Designed to produce approximately 450-500 crank horsepower (depending on whether you choose the 57 trim or 60 trim). This turbo kit includes ATP's cast SRT-4 exhaust manifold, which is constructed from a high-grade, high-temp material and features a lifetime warranty against cracking.

The ATP T3/T4 SRT-4 turbo kit also includes a 38mm Tial wastegate, and a 3in stainless steel O2 housing/turbo discharge module. Designed to bolt to an OEM or aftermarket SRT-4 downpipe, the ATP O2 housing also features a recirculation tube for the Tial wastegate, which keeps things quiet, simple, and plug and play. The T3/T4 turbos are oil cooled only, there are no water lines necessary (we recommed using a turbo timer with this kit).


      1. These turbos are non-ball-bearing and oil cooled only.


      2. The ATP T3/T3 SRT-4 kit will bolt up to a stock or aftermarket downpipe.


      3. You will need an aftermarket intake for proper fitment.


      4. Engine management (AEM EMS, SAFC, E-Manage Blue, etc.) and fuel system upgrades (Return Line, Injectors, etc.) are a must w/ this kit.


    5. Turbocharger A/R: Choose .48 for the fastest spool at the expense of top-end, .63 for more lag and more top-end, or .82 for the most lag, but the most top-end performance.

Part Number: ATP-VSRT-011-60


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