BC Racing ER Series Coilover Kit

BC Racing
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The ER series coilovers feature large external front and rear fluid reservoirs with separate adjustments for rebound and compressions. An advanced twin piston shock design separates the ER series from rest of the pack, with pistons in both the shock body and the external reservoir for pinpoint accuracy. The external reservoir system holds dampening fluid separate for the main assembly, allowing more precise and repeatable shock feedback without overheating. The large external reservoirs allows for a higher oil capacity that translates to faster heat dissipation during extended course use. The external resevoirs house the secondary piston, which allows for the independent adjustable of compression, separate from rebound adjustment. 


  • Mono-tube Damper with Twin Piston Design
  • Height Adjustable via Shock Body, Not Spring
  • 30 Clicks of Independently Adjustable Compression and Rebound
  • Front and Rear Camber Plates Standard on Applicable Applications
  • Front and Rear Pillowball Top Mounts Standard where Camber Plates do not apply
  • Custom Valved to Match the Drivers Requested Spring Rate
  • Swift Spring Upgrade available on most Models
  • 1 Year Manufacture Warranty
  • Fully Rebuildable with all parts available for purchase
  • Comes with 4 coilovers

Effective January 1st 2015 BC Racing/Import Image Racing will require a 25% restocking fee on ALL cancellations for custom builds or out of stock items. A custom build is anything that requires a valving change, custom length shocks, custom spring rates, and or any other modification from the normal stocking configuration that is listed on the Vendor Application List.


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05 sti

, Mar 14, 2010
great coilover. rides ten times better than my tein flex. always helps to get a great price and customer service from josh

Excellent Performance and Value

, May 16, 2009
I purchased a set of these for my modded Forester XT a few weeks ago to replace the KW Variant 3's that I had. I wanted adjustable camber plates and linear springs in the rear, which the KW's didn't have. Also, I liked how dual adjustable struts felt and didn't want to go back to single adjustment. After some searching I came across these BC Racing ER series coilovers, put-in an order with Josh and the rest is history. I've been running these on the streets for several weeks and have taken many corners aggressively. All I can say, along with friends and my own kids who've been in the car is these are pretty awesome. No bounciness, or pogoing effect when a bump is hit in the middle of cornering. No noises, like squishing one's that're normal on the KW's. I've not been to the track with these but I'm planning to go a little later in the season. Like my title says, you'll have a hard time finding a better value on a set of coilovers with the set of features these have.

BC Racing

, Feb 28, 2009
Just picked up these coilovers for my 06 Evo IX MR. I Got one of the first sets out for the Evo IX. Got a great price from Josh and Install was a breeze. Service was excellent and you can't beat the replacement warranty. My First impressions of these coilovers are wonderful. They actually ride better than my HD Bilsteins. I thought the ride would be worse, but it was not. Took the car out the past few days to settle the springs and get some good street driving opinions. Steering response has gotten better and more precise. Turn in is faster and corners flatter with zero roll. This allows for later braking with a faster exit speed and earlier throttle. The ER series has 2 seperate adjustment knobs to make the fine adjustments you need for the track and street. A few clicks and a quick camber change and you are ready for the track. Construction is very nice and attention to detail makes these a great mid price range setup. You would spend twice as much for some others that aren't nearly as nice. Especially if they have the extra External Reservoir. Overall, I'm a big fan of these and will try them out this week for the first points event autoX of the SCCA SCR 2009 season. I expect to be very competitive this year with the new setup.

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