Chase Bays AN Fuel Line Kit - Nissan 350Z | Infiniti G35 w/ 1JZ | 2JZ

Chase Bays
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-6AN line and fittings.
30 micron black inline fuel filter.
Includes everything needed to get rid of the OEM filter and engine bay fuel lines.
Pressure tested, guaranteed to not leak if installed correctly.

This kit replaces most of the engine bay hard line and the ugly OEM filter on the firewall with -6AN black fittings, nylon covered stainless reinforced line and inline fuel filter. It is a complete kit and includes everything needed. This kit is made to work with any engine and fuel rail setup just let us know what fuel rail you have and we will match the two up.

What all is included and how does it route?

OEM fuel feed hard line clamp adapter and -6AN hose to 30 micron Inline Fuel Filter (included of course), Adel rubber insulated clamp for fuel filter mounting, fuel filter to fuel rail line (length varies on motor and fuel rail setup), -6AN return line with OEM fuel return line clamp adapter. If you are using an aftermarket external fuel pressure regulator we can help set you up with that. Just put in the comments where you're mounting the FPR and even emailing a picture after the order is placed would be helpful too!

Why should I buy this kit?

This is for people who want to clean up their engine bay with quality parts, and do it the right way. This also makes a swapped motor fueled with ease. Also to compensate for an external fuel pressure regulator. If assembled incorrectly the fuel lines can cause leaks which can easily catch your car on fire or lead to engine failure. With our kit we use the best fittings in the industry, and pressure test every line we assemble. So if installed correctly, we can guarantee a leak free start up.

Chase Bays offers hundreds of hose variations using similar components, so they do build to order. Expect 3-5 days of build time before items ship.


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