Chase Bays Brake Line Relocation for Mitsubishi EVO 6-9

Chase Bays
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The Chase Bays Brake Line Relocation has a lot to offer. Its aesthetic improvement, weight reduction, ABS delete, performance improvement, and opens up options for different master cylinder types…all in one package. This kit gets rid of all the OEM steel hard lines in the engine bay and replaces them with Stainless Steel Teflon Coated line plus adds the Wilwood Adjustable Proportioning Valve. You have the option of using your OEM Master Cylinder that came with the car, or our Chase Bays Brake Booster Eliminator Kit (more on that here).

Lets face it, on a performance oriented build ABS sucks. Its great for soccer moms, 80 year olds, and people who look at their phone 90% of their drive. As any enthusiast who's dealt with ABS in a racing or spirited driving situation, ABS sucks. When you purchase this kit you're saving weight (up to 60lbs!), deleting ABS, and improving your engine bays looks significantly. Whether you're building a race, rally, street, or show car, this kit is highly beneficial to you and can potentially save you money.

Along with the other chassis Chase Bays makes products for, we are the first and only company to offer this to the EVO community. Chase Bays products will change the way enthusiasts build their EVO chassis, and will become a standard on race, rally, street, or show cars throughout the world.

Tech Overview:
• -3AN Stainless Steel PTFE Teflon Coated hose
• Stainless Steel crimped fittings on the hoses and black anodized adapter fittings for the firewall
• COMPLETE kit, includes everything you need to relocate the brake lines, delete ABS, and save weight!
• Includes Wilwood 5 Way Proportioning Valve to bias the front and rear brakes.
• The -3AN hose we use is the toughest and most rigid hose in the industry
• Pressure Tested to 9000psi
• Replaces all of the OEM steel hard lines in the engine bay

Chase Bays offers hundreds of hose variations using similar components, so they do build to order. Expect 3-5 days of build time before items ship.


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