Chase Bays Engine Harness - Nissan RB25DET

Chase Bays

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New sensor connectors
New commercial grade, high heat, thin jacketing wire (rated from -49° to +257° F)
New sensor connector terminals
Loomed in flame retardant PET sleeving
(Operating Temperature Range -103° to 257°F; Melt temp 446°F)
Adhesive lined heat shrink at junctions and loom ends
Harness goes directly from the engine sensors to the ECU connectors
Multiple options for mating to your chassis, from plug and play to flying leads
Includes PET loomed charge harness to power your starter & alternator using 4 gauge welding cable.

This product is engineered with artistic aesthetics, functionality, weight saving, and space saving. We over do every detail involved from product development all the way to production. All of this to ensure the product to be one of the best products in the industry. Features a stealthy look while retaining easy access to keep the motor easily serviced. Whether it be the veins of an engine swap, an old harness replacement, or to add needed aftermarket electronics for your build...our products offer something for everyone.

The CM2 Engine Harness features all the same great specs and innovation as our CM1 but adds a Circular Mil Spec connector and Raychem Shrink Boot that we’ve adopted from the aviation/military industry. The connector location varies on the harness and chassis, 90% of the time it is to be mounted to the OEM harness entry hole or former A/C hole (if A/C is eliminated). The Circular Mil Spec connector serves multiple functions. For the racers or anyone working in their engine bay its 1 second to release the harness from the chassis to do service or drop the engine. If you’re in the pits and on a time crunch this can save a considerable amount of time. Aesthetically the Mil Spec connector improves the engine bays look and appeal substantially.

The CM3 harness shares the same great specs and innovation as our CM1 & CM2. But in addition to the Circular Mil Spec connector the CM3 adds Raychem DR-25 Heat Shrink Loom and yellow sensor labels on each individual connectors loom. Raychem DR-25 is perfect for any harness near extreme heat conditions (operating temp. -103° to +347° F) This is the most durable harness money can buy. Built with high performance and full functionality in mind, the same material and assembly technique was adopted directly from the aviation, NASA, and military industry.


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