Chase Bays Engine Harness - Nissan S13 KA24DE

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· Made with brand new wire and pins
· ENGINE HARNESS REPLACEMENT, does not include headlight, taillight, or fusebox portions.
· Loomed with Nylon Sleeving and Adhesive Heat shrink
· Eliminate the risk of your old, used, and worn out engine harness failing when you need it most! (IE: On the track, out in the boonies, rush hour traffic, a crime scene)
· Help eliminate some chassis wiring on your race car, Tuck your engine harness, simplify your wiring
· Harness routes straight to ECU like stock with OEM S13 or S14 chassis plugs installed
· LOWER/TRANS Harness is integrated, making this harness a one piece design.
· MAF or MAP plug, we have a 6 pin Deutsch connector coming out at the first junction. The reason we did this is since we all know there is plenty of MAF or MAP styles and locations we let you customize where it is and how it routes.
· Optional Mil Spec connector for the firewall (CM2 or CM Mil Spec)
· Completely redesigned/reinvented Nissan engine harness that fits perfectly and rocks a stealthy look

***Once the order is place we will email you with a customer form to fill out and send in with your core. Please give us 12-24 hours to do so***

This harness uses brand new wire and brand new pins, and mostly brand new plugs. The upper and lower/trans harnesses are both integrated into one, eliminating a huge amount of cluster and wasted space around the engine. In the initial mockup and R&D process the harness was completely re-designed and re-measured to fit perfectly along the motor. No wasted length on any of the sensor looms. The harness now routes underneath the intake manifold and each connector to its dedicated location. This makes for a great look, an easier install, an engine bay with less clutter, and much easier to work on when under the hood.

Amphenol Mil Spec connectors are used at the MAF/MAP and Boost Solenoid to keep options open for different setups. This means, if you’re running MAF and you get a Stand Alone and want to run MAP & IAT, all you have to do is call us and purchase a MAP & IAT sub-harness. Then you’d just un-plug the MAF sub-harness, and plug the MAP/IAT sub-harness. It’s that easy.

Contents of the Engine Harness:

1. Complete Chase Bays KA24DE Engine Harness
2. MAF or MAP/IAT Sub-Harness w/ correct plug for your specified application
3. Plug-n-Play Chassis Sub-Harness (connects to 12 way & 4 way plugs near ECU)
4. Charge harness for main battery power to alternator and starter

What sensor/functions will this harness have?

· MAF (Mass Air Flow) OR MAP and IAT
· Crank Pickup
· TPS (Throttle Position Sensor)
· ECT (Engine Coolant Temp)
· H20 Temp (for Cluster temp reading)
· Knock Sensor
· IAC/FICD (Idle Air Control)
· STS (Starter Solenoid)
· Oil Psi (for cluster)
· ALT (Alternator/Generator)
· Injectors 1 thru 4 with disconnect plug (easier install & uninstall)
· o2 (Oxygen Sensor) S14 o2 Sensor upgrade required for S13
· Boost Solenoid (Support for Aftermarket options)
· VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor)
· RV (Reverse)
· GRND (Ground for ECU/Sensors, MUST be on cylinder head)
· S14 Chassis - Gray lower harness plugs, and white M63 plug near ECU
· S13 Chassis - Brown and Gray Chassis plugs (located behind passenger headlight on OEM chassis), Lower/Trans harness chassis plugs (located near passenger engine bay fusebox), White or Brown ECU/ECCS chassis plug.


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