Chase Bays Engine Harness - Nissan VQ35DE VQ swap

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This engine harness was developed for VQ swap customers who want to run a VQ35DE from a 350Z/G35 without having to deal with the OEM ECU and drive by wire. Good engine management solutions can be extremely pricey when keeping Drive By Wire. These engine harnesses allow you to run the AEM EMS which is affordable and one of the BEST engine management systems out there. You will of course not be using the stock throttle body, ECU, or any of the Drive-By-Wire setup.

You will need to purchase an AEM EMS. We are using the EMS for Honda/Acura V6 w/ coil on plug (AEM 30-6051) This allows you to run sequential spark, not wasted spark like we've seen on some other setups. The AEM EMS will require a few sensor changes/additions. You will need the AEM MAP, ECT, and AIT sensors, our 75mm Mustang Throttle Body, and Mustang TPS. We also recommend the AEM UEGO Wideband o2 kit, for perfect Air/Fuel readings. The AEM itself will require some modifying internally, and we do that for you...for no extra cost...FREE!

Made with brand new wire and pins
ENGINE HARNESS REPLACEMENT, does not include headlight, taillight, or fusebox portions.
Loomed with Nylon Sleeving and Adhesive Heat shrink
Eliminate the risk of your old, used, and worn out engine harness failing when you need it most! (IE: On the track, out in the boonies, rush hour traffic, a crime scene)
Help eliminate some chassis wiring on your race car, Tuck your engine harness, simplify your wiring
Harness routes straight to ECU with the option of OEM chassis plugs installed, for a 98% plug and play application
LOWER/TRANS Harness is integrated, making this harness a one piece design.
All required sensors to run the AEM EMS, including OEM and aftermarket, are taken care of.
Optional Mil Spec connector for the firewall
Completely redesigned/reinvented Nissan engine harness that fits perfectly and rocks a stealthy look
Core engine harness and lower/trans harness required with purchase. If you do not have one we can provide you with one for additional $$


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