Chase Bays Power Steering Kit - Mitsubishi EVO 6-9

Chase Bays
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100% Replacement Power Steering Kit
Aluminum Baffled Reservoir with -6AN and -10AN Outlets
Stainless Braided/Teflon Coated -6AN Crimped High Pressure Hose
Black Nylon Hose and Fittings for -6AN and -10AN lines
All Hose included is Pressure Tested to Insure a Leak Free Install
Cleans up the engine bay
Eliminates OLD Leaky lines and reservoir
Improves your backflip technique.
Optional -6AN Power Steering Cooler with additional lines needed for install.

What all is included in this kit?

(1)Aluminum Power Steering Reservoir Tank that mounts in a easy to access, easy to install location, (1)-6AN High Pressure Stainless Steel Teflon Coated braided hose for Rack to Pump , (1)-6AN Black Nylon Braided Feed Line for Reservoir to Rack, (1)-10AN Black Nylon Braided Line for Reservoir to Pump. (3)-6AN to Metric Power Steering fittings to adapt Mitsubishi Rack and Pump outlets to -6AN

Why should I purchase this?

If you already own an EVO you probably know that your power steering setup leaks, or that it will start leaking soon. You also know thats its an ugly unreliable setup. Our kit 100% replaces all lines and fittings of your existing power steering setup, as well as the reservoir. Steering Rack to Power Steering Pump, Steering Rack to Reservoir, and Reservoir to Power Steering Pump. Using all the best pressure tested fittings and line and a great looking Aluminum Reservoir, we have created the only full replacement setup on the market.

How does the Aluminum Reservoir mount?

This mounts in the same location as the OEM reservoir but doesn't use the same mounting bolts. It bolts to the chassis using one existing hole and one that will be drilled. As seen in the pictures the mounting location is easy to access while maintaining a stealthy look. It clears the OEM radiator and all aftermarket setups


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