Chase Bays Power Steering Kit Subaru WRX / STI 2002-2007

Chase Bays
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If you own a Subaru you probably know that your power steering setup leaks, or that it will start leaking soon. You also know thats its an ugly unreliable setup. Our kit 100% replaces all lines and fittings of your existing power steering setup, as well as the reservoir. Using the best fittings and line in our industry and a great looking aluminum reservoir designed by us, we have created the only full replacement setup on the market.


100% Replacement Power Steering Kit
Aluminum Baffled Reservoir with -6AN and -10AN Outlets
Stainless Braided/Teflon Coated -6AN Crimped High Pressure Hose
Black Nylon Hose and Fittings for -6AN and -10AN lines
All Hose included is Pressure Tested to Insure a Leak Free Install
Cleans up the engine bay
Saves weight
Eliminates OLD leaky lines and reservoir
Improves your backflip technique.
Optional -6AN Power Steering Cooler with additional lines needed for install.

What all is included in this kit?

(1)Aluminum Power Steering Reservoir Tank that mounts in a easy to access, easy to install location, (1)-6AN High Pressure Stainless Steel Teflon Coated braided hose for Rack to Pump , (1)-6AN Black Nylon Braided Feed Line for Reservoir to Rack, (1)-10AN Black Nylon Braided Line for Reservoir to Pump. (3)-6AN to Metric Power Steering fittings to adapt Subaru Rack and Pump outlets to -6AN

How does the Aluminum Reservoir mount?

For both S13 and S14 the reservoir mounts to the radiator support using two existing 10mm bolts and a rigid bracket. As seen in the pictures the mounting location is easy to access while maintaining a stealthy look. It clears the OEM radiator and all aftermarket setups


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