Clutch Masters FX500 Clutch Kit 4-Puck 1989-1998 Eclipse 2.0L T FWD & AWD

Clutch Masters
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Your DSM is a track monster and you know it. But we all gotta eat, how are you supposed to rock a solid 6-puck to the Safeway? The Clutch Masters FX600 for the 90-99 Eclipse Turbo is the answer to this DSM dilemma. The FX600 kit will convert your clutch assembly from a pull-type design to a push-type for improved clutch actuation and pedal feel will also slash rotating mass and allow for quicker and more precise shifts. The FX600 incorporates twin discs made of an organic Kevlar friction material, making for a smoother pedal feel than most twin disc setups. The FX600 includes your choice of an aluminum or steel flywheel with a replaceable friction surface that allows for easy, hassle free replacement. If you are serious about motorsports and require twin disc holding power as well as daily drivability, these setups are a must have.

Twin Disc Clutch Kits Include:
  • Cover assembly with attached diaphragm
  • Pressure plate ring
  • Single mid-plate
  • Billet aluminum or steel flywheel
  • Release bearing
  • Pressure plate bolts
PLEASE NOTE: kits differ depending on if you have a 6-bolt or 7-bolt crank in your Eclipse. Most 90-92 models are 6-bolt and most 95-99 models are 7-bolt. 93-94 models can be either. You must be sure of what crank your Eclipse has BEFORE ordering. Returns or exchanges as a result of ordering the incorrect application are not possible.

FITMENT:Mitsubishi Eclipse 1989-1999 GSX (AWD) Only


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