Clutch Masters FX600 Twin Disc Clutch Kit for 03-06 350z/G35

Clutch Masters
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The Clutch Masters FX600 is perfect for very high horsepower 350Z/G35 that are driven to and at the track. The FX600 features a twin discs setup made of an organic Kevlar mix. The FX600 disc material makes for a smoother pedal feel than most twin disc setups and is ideal for street driving a car that a single disc setup just won't hold up on. The FX600 includes an aluminum flywheel with a replaceable friction surface that allows for easy replacement when changing the clutch discs.

For those 350Z/G35 owners looking to push their car to the limit and needing a clutch that can get them there, look no further. Clutch Masters offers the FX600 & FX700 twin-disc clutch kits for the 350Z/G35. These units convert the clutch assembly from a pull-type design to a push-type for improved clutch actuation and pedal feel. Clutch Masters Twin-Disc kits reduce rotating mass and allow for quicker and more precise shifts. If you are serious about motorsports, these setups are a must have. Twin-disc clutch kits can be daily driven, but we generally suggest a single disc for a dedicated daily driven 350Z/G35.

Kits Include:
  • Cover assembly with attached diaphragm
  • Pressure plate ring
  • Single mid-plate
  • Billet aluminum flywheel
  • Release bearing
  • Pressure plate bolts
Notes: You must buy an automatic flywheel from a Nissan dealership to use with this clutch kit.

Part Number: 06047-TD7S


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