Cobb Tuning V3 Accessport 2008-2014 Nissan GT-R

Cobb Tuning
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Simple ECU flashing with gauge package! The new incabin mountable Accessport V3 has a large, full color, higher resolution screen which allows you to monitor up to six parameters in real time. Fully customizable from the look (multiple bezel colors), layout (set up race, street, or dyno gauge clusters), and mounting options (choose from 1,000s of standard vehicle mounts). And what's looks without brains? More processing power, memory, and storage to flash faster while saving all of your maps and logs. This is your new Accessport.

The AccessPORT is the most user friendly reprogramming device for your vehicle's computer. The provided mapping will optimize the air/fuel ratio and ignition timing, remove the speed limiter, and more for performance results you can instantly feel!

But the AccessPORT is so much MORE than just a REFLASH DEVICE. It allows you to also read any of the DTC (trouble) codes on the various computers on the GT-R as well as clear them out of memory (reset them).

* Stage 1 (standard, or standard w/ cat back exhaust):

  • 91 Octane Fuel (US) - +55 hp and +60 lb/ft torque
  • 93 Octane Fuel (US) - +63 hp and +70 lb/ft torque

    * Stage 2 (hi-flow cats or no cats and cat back exhaust):
  • 91 Octane Fuel (US) - +65 hp and +80 lb/ft torque
  • 93 Octane Fuel (US) - +70 hp and +90 lb/ft torque

    Improve horsepower, torque, and fuel economy at the touch of a button

    Comes with maps for stock cars, catback exhaust, high flow cats, or deleted cats as well as Anti Theft (engine will not start), Valet Mode (reduced rev limit and power), Stock Style (speed limiter deleted only), and Fuel Economy mode. Additional maps may be downloaded from COBB's website as they become available.

  • Easy installation, no need to remove and ship off your ECU, no mechanical or computer skills necessary (built in recovery mode fail safe)
  • Takes only a few minutes to install
  • Connects to your vehicle via the OBD-II port conveniently located under your dash
  • Pre-calibrated to maximize performance of stock or modified vehicles
  • Easy-to-read color display
  • Update over the Internet to stay up-to-date with the latest features
  • Read and clear engine trouble codes (DTC) yourself, eliminating trips to the dealership
  • Ability to clear dash lights (stored DTC codes) from ECU, BCM, Multi-AV, IPDM, Pre-crash Seat Belt, Meter/M&A, and Adaptive HL computers
  • Ability to turn off the dreaded "Bonnet Light"
  • Not a "piggyback" - once vehicle's computer has been programmed by the AccessPORT, it can be removed and the settings will stay on your computer.
  • Not just an "ECU reflash" - AccessPORT features enhancements such as map switching, reading DTCs, performance monitors and more
  • May be uninstalled at any time, reverting your ECU with the data stored on it prior to installation

*Free overnight shipping to the lower 48 states.


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