Cobb V3 Accessport + Perrin Drop-In Filter Subaru WRX 2002-2005

Cobb Tuning
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The most complete Subaru tuning solution on the planet; High Flow Filter - increased power and fuel economy WRX 2002-2005. 

Combining the world's best selling, most flexible ECU upgrade solution along with a high flow filter to increase air flow. Start here, down the modifying road with the best bang for your buck by treating your vehicle to parts that will increase your power and improve overall driveability. Nothing but a win/win situation!
PERRIN foam filters are made of reticulated polyurethane foam which offers a minimal amount of air. The filter element is sprayed with a special oil that adheres to the foam making the poly matrix sticky and retain dirt. Foam filters do not block dirt, they grab it! All while making minimal drops in air flow as they grab dirt! What does this mean to you? More dirt collected, more air flow and no clogs!
  • SUB-001 Accessport V3
  • Perrin Drop In Panel Filter 
  • Easily Change Maps with the Push of a Button
  • Perrin High Flow Filter
  • Increased Air Flow While Maintaining Filtering Efficiency
  • Open Cell Foam Element


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