Cobb XLE ByPass Valve Mitsubishi EVO X / Ralliart 2009-2015

Cobb Tuning
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The Cobb XLE performance bypass valve brings the cutting edge of technology and design to your Evo both on and off the track. The premier feature of the Cobb XLE blow off valve is its unique tri-function design, allowing it to operate in three separate modes. Full VTA (vent to atmosphere), full recirculation, or 50/50 hybrid operation mode are user selectable and can be quickly reconfigured with standard hand tools. A precision 303 stainless steel spring and pre-load adjustment mechanism allow fine tuning for optimal release pressure. In addition to these features, the Cobb XLE boasts a lightweight, Teflon impregnated and hard anodized aluminum piston allowing for faster valve reaction time. This translates into quicker boost recovery between shifts and faster acceleration. The Cobb XLE bypass valve comes with all hardware and application specific installation instructions.


  • operates in VTA, recirculation or 50/50 hybrid mode
  • hard annodized, lightweight body
  • 3.5" slim design fits perfectly in tight engine bays
  • lightweight, round-seat aluminum/Teflon piston
  • precision pre-load adjustment
  • unique blow-off sound


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