Coolingmist 2.3 Gallon All in One Pro Tank - Universal


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In stock ! Our new 2 plus gallon trunkmount tank changes all the rules. Prior to this tank you had make compromise to get a large tank. Now you can get the full 2 plus gallon capacity but with a small foot print. This tank is 13 inches tall, 9.5 inches wide and 11 inches long. Tank is available in Black or red . This makes for a very small foot print. Did we mention that the tank mounts IN the tank? To see a PDF on the install please download. Please note that we show the controller install as well. If you dont have the controller, please ignore those specific parts of the install RIGHT CLICK SAVE AS PDF 

The shape of the tank is important. The pump is all the way at the bottom of the tank and is always gravity fed. In addition to that its unique slope shape eliminates any need for baffling. No need to worry about drawing in air with this tank, fluid starvation is a thing of the past. See some of the pictures below to get an idea of this tank. 


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