Coolingmist CMGS Stage 3 MPG Plus Water Methanol Injection Kit - Universal


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The all new Coolingmist Boost MPG Plus stage 3 system is designed to get you more power, better fuel economy and lower temperates during all phases of the boost process. The first nozzle is a small progressive nozzle that is designed to turn on as low as 1 PSI using our stainless steel 300 PSI solenoid. This nozzle will give more flow as your boost increases. The 2nd nozzle is larger and will turn on once you reach your MAX boost setting using another stainless steel solenoid. 

This kit is designed to atomize better than any other system on the market due to the configuration. You will also save fluid. 

This kit ships with a FSB that will update the screen and let you know its working correctly. The exclusive AUTOLEARN feature will learn how your system is designed to inject and update the dutycyle in REAL time. Any error the system will update the screen with error codes. you know if your display does not show an error, all is good. The FSB also has an industry first pump protection. If the pump ever turns on when it should not, your system will shut down and an error will show up on the screen. This can protect your engine from hydrolock.


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