Coolingmist Diesel Vari-Cool II Water Methanol Injection Kit - Universal

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This is our base VC2 diesel kit. From here you can add what features you want. You can read about our VC2 controller to understand the features. This is our progressive controller. By default this kit will ship with our progressive VC2 controller, 200-250 psi recirulation pump, high pressure hose, a M10 injector for all GM, Ford or Dodge diesels! From the drop down box you can choose all of the upgrades you may want. Using this, you can build your kit the way you want it. 

Tank opton

Choose no tank, 7 gallon tank or 1 gallon tank. We give you a fitting to connect to your own tank if you dont choose one.

Flow Display

If you choose this option we give you our flow sensor and low level fluid switch. The flow sensor is a turbine based sensor that will allow you to display your flow rate at all times.


If you want to inject based on boost only, choose no to this option. If you want to inject based on EGT only or EGT and boost you need to choose this option. You will get an extra part to connect to your existing EGT probe (we will share your EGT probe with your gauge/tuner).

Solenoid or Checkvalve

A checkvalve is a simple mechanical valve. It goes in line and prevents water from draining into the engine. All of our kits come with this by default. A solenoid is an electrical valve, it receives a signal and opens to let the fluid in. Both are effective as a safety valve for your engine.


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