Coolingmist Progressive EMS Kit with Failsafe Water Methanol Injection Kit - Universal

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For years customers with aftermarket engine management systems and piggy back computers have wanted a way to inject progressively using the EMS and eliminating an aftermarket progressive controller. In theory this sounded great but it was not practical. While many aftermarket ECUs have the ability to send a PWM signal, they do not have the ability to run the 10-13 amps the pump will draw and systems did not have a failsafe input for the ECU. All of that has changed now with the introduction of the new EMS system. 

What is included?

This is a complete kit including everything you need (except your ECU). A 1 gallon tank is included or you can upgrade. This kit also has our super atomizing injector, high pressure recirculation pump , stainless steel solenoid, low level fluid switch and our EMS Failsafe Controller plus all the small parts to connect it all together.

How does it work? Will it work with my ECU?

Our Progressive Failsafe controller is a very small box which is about 1 inch by 1.5 inches. This interfaces between our pump and your ECU. Your EMS/ECU must have the ability to send a frequency signal (any frequency less than 1000 hz is fine) to our Progressive Failsafe Controller. From there you vary the dutycycle on that input to the Failsafe Controller. The Failsafe controller will then send a signal to the pump to run at the dutycycle you programmed. You can vary the dutycycle at will and the system will respond very fast due to the 16 bit processor on the Failsafe controller. This MINI progressive failsafe controller has no knobs or buttons. The box will simply relay the Dutycycle to our pump from your ECU.

How does the failsafe work?

The failsafe is actually quite simple. Our Failsafe box will monitor the pump and send a 0-5V signal to your ECU/EMS. If your ECU has a 0-5V input, you can program your ECU to recognize the signal and log the information at each dutycycle. If the system is not giving the correct voltage (or variance of the voltage) you can program your EMS/ECU to pull timing or boost.


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