Cosworth Camshafts M1 Grind Mitsubishi EVO 8 2003-2005

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Cosworth has been engineering camshafts for nearly 50 years. That coupled with years of innovative multi valve cylinder head design ensures Cosworth's camshaft designs are the most efficient in providing maximum usable power across the widest power band. Each cam is ground from a new billet and finished using the same procedures we use in their extreme level race engines. Cosworth camshafts are the perfect complement to their CNC Ported Big Valve Cylinder heads. The cams are profiled to increase boost response thereby increasing engine torque and power.


  • Intake duration "264" deg
  • Intake lift 10.2mm
  • Exhaust duration "264" deg
  • Exhaust lift 10.2mm
  • Excellent torque and boost response
  • Broad power band
  • Valve spring upgrade is recommended


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