cp-e Stainless Steel Equal Length Headers w/ Catted X-Pipe Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 2010-2013

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OEM parts often times are designed for efficiency of manufacturing, cutting costs and driver comfort. Unfortunately performance is often not a priority – as seen on the very restrictive factory header setup on the V6 Genesis Coupe.

cp-e™ has developed high-performance long-tube headers and x-pipe setup for the 3.8l Lambda motor found in the Hyundai Genesis Coupe.

Designed using the latest in CCM and CAD technology the headers are masterpieces. Long tube headers need to be as close to equal runner length to ensure a balance of pressure in the cylinders and exhaust stream so we worked hard to get our header runners within 0.187 of an inch of each other.

Custom Performance Engineering
Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 V6
Long Tube Headers and X-pipe

44.5mm runner piping (1.75″)
2.5″ X-pipe
Unique collector design for optimal balance in Hp/Tq gains.
Optional High-flow cats
Within +/- 0.1″ in length between runners.
Developed for best balance of low end and top end power.
Precision CMM and CAD designed, CNC bent and Robot welded.
Manufactured in house in the USA
Lifetime warranty, as always

The headers feature polished stainless 44.45mm runners for optimal flow, beautifully TIG welded to stainless collectors and precision laser cut head flanges. The smooth mandrel bent piping provides smooth exhaust flow throughout the system. The collectors feature a unique design utilizing a cone shaped transition into the main 2.5″ piping in the x-pipe. This transition changes the flow dynamics of the headers to increase low to mid range torque and is optimal for top-end power – best of both worlds.

Dyno testing the system showed significant gains over stock – gaining ~16hp and ~12tq at the rear wheels. Mated to our true dual cat-back exhaust for a very free flowing setup with impressive gains of 19hp and 15tq to the wheels makes for a killer combination.

The x-pipe is made with 2.5″ 304 polished stainless steel and features a smooth crossover for optimal balance and minimal restriction. Available as off-road catless or with our high-flow cats.


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