Cusco Motor Mount Set Subaru WRX / STI 2002-2005

660 911 SET
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Specially designed for the Subaru WRX & STI, Cusco mounts will help you reduce drivetrain movement and increase feedback. Included are two engine mounts and a transmission mount (for either 5 speed or 6 speed) filled with high durometer rubber. These are designed from the ground up to get the job done, and you will enjoy the amplified sensation and reduced engine slop. Increased noise and vibrations are too be expected as a trade off for a more solid vehicle. These mounts are stiffer than the Subaru Group N mounts and may not be ideal for casual drivers.

Important Note: These mounts can be used on 06 and 07 Subarus, but modifications are required. You MUST use the 04-05 metal engine mount housings for the mounts to fit.


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great mounts

, Sep 15, 2012
These are very good mounts nice solid design and great quality. Much improved feel of throttle respons. These do improve NVH. If your not worried about that I would definitely recommend these.

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