Cusco ZERO-A Sport Coilover Kit Subaru STI 2005-2007

672 60N CP
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Cusco Comfort ZERO-2E coilovers are recommended for those who want a sporty ride and increased handling without giving up daily driving comfort on their luxury vehicle. Height is double adjustable and the dampening force is adjustable allowing you to fine tune the suspension feel to your liking. As with all Cusco coilovers, rust proofing and the highest quality materials ensure your performance suspension will keep performing for years to come. Cusco's pillowball top hats will provide maximum feedback from your suspension and reduce play in the coilover assembly keeping your alignment truer in turns. Camber is adjustable via the front plates as well. The ZERO-2E are compatible with the Cusco e-Con digital damping force controller. The spring rates can be altered, contact us regarding custom spring rates.


  • Spring Rates: F: 8kg/mm, 448lb/in R: 8kg/mm, 448b/in
  • Upper Mounts: adjustable pillowball front, non adjustable pillowball rear
  • Adjustability: Height, Preload, 5 Step Dampening Adjustment
  • Adjustability Range: F: -50mm to 0mm / R: -45mm to -0mm
  • E-Con Compatibility: Yes


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