Deatschwerks 550cc Fuel Injectors Hyundai Genesis 2.0T 09-13

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Deatschwerks performs flow balancing and quality assurance testing on every set of injectors they produce, ensuring that the end product is top-notch. Deatschwerks injectors are tested and analyzed at over 40 data points on DW's in-house New Age Technologies injector flow bench. Deatschwerks injectors are remanufactured by DW to the specified flow; you can rest assure that you are receiving a top-quality, reliable, well-performing product at a price that is hard to pass up.

Deatschwerks fuel injectors for the 2.0T and the 3.8 V6 equipped 10-12 Hyundai Genesis Coupe feature drop-in fitments for a simple installation. Since they are made from new manufactured housings and coils, they will fit directly into the stock or any aftermarket fuel rail.


  • Injectors are sold in sets of 4 for the 2.0T and 6 for the 3.8 V6.
  • ECU tuning is required.
  • High Impedance coils to match OEM ECU
  • 12 Month Comprehensive Warranty


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