Defi Link Meter Advance ZD Display - Universal

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The Defi Advance ZD Display is a high intensity OLED monitor which will allow you to monitor several Defi sensor functions at once in an easy to read manner. With several layout options to choose from, you can tailor the displayed information just how you like. The ZD can display and monitor: water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, fuel pressure, and exhaust gas temperature. This display works in tandem with your Defi Advance BF gauges or just the sensors themselves. This is a great tool for drivers who prefer to get all the information about their car in one glance opposed to several gauges in different locations.


  • Features:
  • The Advance ZD must be used with the Advance Control unit and all sensors are sold separately.
  • Speedometer (0-240MPH)
  • RPM with Sequential indicator system (0-11,000RPM)
  • Odometer and Trip meter, Clock
  • 0-60MPH and 0-100MPH timer
  • User Preset Warnings and Self-diagnosis system detects wiring errors
  • 3.8" wide, 1.8" tall and 1.1″ thick


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