Driven XP3 SAE Synthetic Racing Oil - Quart (10W-30) - Universal

Driven Racing Oil
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Product Features:

  • A higher viscosity version of XP1, it offers outstanding high-temperature, high-shear protection.
  • Designed for aluminum blocks and looser clearances, it utilizes multiple synthetic base oils and anti-wear and friction reducing additives to reduce friction and fight valve-train wear.
  • Compatible with methanol and high octane race fuels.
  • Can be blended with XP0, XP1, XP2 or XP6. Consult our blending guide for blending specifications.

  • Sprint and Midget engines
  • Late Model Stock
  • GM Crate engines
  • Pro-Cup engines
  • 360 Sprints
  • NASCAR Spec engines
  • Hydraulic lifter equipped engines
  • Engines with clearances under .0027"


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