Driveshaft Shop 800HP Rear Axle Bar Upgrade 1998.5-2002 Audi S4 B5

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This is a set of axle bars and internal Chromoly parts to upgrade the rear axles for the 99-05 Audi S4. The factory axles are made with a major flaw, being that the outer spline is a small 30 splines and inner is a bigger 33 splines, making the end of the bar at the outer CV receive excessive concentrated stress. What we have done is make high grade internals for both the inner and outer CV's to be able to put one of our larger 36 spline torsional center bars on the factory CV's. Initially the front axles were normally the main issue with this car, but as the bar has been raised on this platform, so has the need for stronger axles.

We can also make custom axles for even higher HP, but we would need to take the factory wheel hubs and re-broach them to a larger spline for one of our larger outer CV's. Call or email for more information.

This kit comes complete with a pair of high grade Aerospace quality proprietary torsional axle bars, all chromoly races to upgrade the inner and outer CV's, boots, clamps and grease.

Most people will be able to install this kit, but if you would prefer us to do it for you, we charge 50.00 per axle for assembly of the parts. Please call for RMA number to send in your axles .


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