EBC Ultimax USR Slotted Rotors Front Nissan 240SX Z32 w/ Brakes

EBC Brakes
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These are super-quiet sport slotted brake rotors featuring the new EBC Dash design which helps cool and de-gas brakes under heavy loads and higher speed. Coated with a black zinc finish, Ultimax sport rotors come complete with bearing cups where fitted as OEM replacements, and are sold and priced in sets for either front or rear. 

The price you see is for TWO ROTORS, one left, one right. These slotted rotors are designed and fitted to maintain flat and paralel pad wear, and avoid the record grooves or galling common with non-slotted rotors. This slotting also keeps the rotor cooler, and braking more consistent even under heavy stress. This improves pad contact and braking throughout the life of the rotor and pad set.


  • Sold and priced in pairs (left and right)
  • Manufactured from premium disc blanks
  • Progressive angle slots assure parallel pad wear
  • Reduces temperature
  • removes dirt, dust & debris
  • Improves braking in all conditions
  • 5-Lug Hubs Only!
  • Works only with Z32 Calipers


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