Energy Suspension Rear Subframe Inserts Nissan 240SX 1989-1994

Energy Suspension
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Factory rear subframe bushings are very sloppy. Nissan engineered these to rely heavily on bushings to absorb bumps and cater to ride comfort. The problem with that is every time you try to launch the car, the rear bushings bind up and then snap back repeatedly making the rear subframe bounce up and down causing the rear end to hop up and down. Combine that with a stiffer suspension, coil overs or stickier rubber on an aging Nissan 240SX and you have bad wheel hop off the line.

Energy Suspension's polyurethane subframe inserts fit inside the rear subframe bushings to take up the excess slack and play in the stock rubber subframe bushing. These bushings do NOT replace the subframe bushings (which is a huge job to take on requiring the entire rear end to be removed), however, they are a supplement that take a few minutes to install and help to firm up the rear subframe bushings so they do not slop around as much.

FITMENT:Nissan S13 240SX 1989-1994

Part Number: 7.1113


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