Enkei RC-G4 Wheel - Universal

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RC-G4 is an evolution of ES-GRAVEL, designed for modern rally cars. The strength of RC-G4 is considerably increased for high-speed Group-N rally cars. Weight has been saved by MAT-DURA Flow Forming and computer analysis.
Suitable design for Gravel rally Large center dish with short spoke design is effective for all sort of load under gravel condition such as preventing stones/gavel from entering brake area. The rim part is also designed to easily remove mud.
Suitable for Large Brake Discs and Calipers Face and rim-profile are designed for use of large brake disc and caliper.
True WRC spec The durability of RC-G4 is proven in many Group-N rally cars. Impact–resistance, brake ventilation, and strength are carefully balanced in order to pursue reliability under harsh environment.

    • 15 Inch
    • Available in Gold or White
    • Spec-E Inspected
    • MAT Technology
    • Limited Quantity Available
    • No Center Cap


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very nace

, Feb 10, 2013
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