Epic Engineering Lowering Springs Subaru WRX 2008-2010

Epic Engineering
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EPIC Engineering springs are thought and designed to give your Subaru a more aggressive stance, and increase the intensity of the driving experience while maintaining a smooth and comfortable ride.

EE springs kit lowers the car approximately 25mm in the front and slightly less in the rear giving the vehicle a slightly raked or nose down stance. This adjustment levels the wheel arch front to rear, for an aggressive, even look.

The overall balance of the vehicle is greatly improved reducing unwanted understeer. Pitch and roll motions are substantially reduced and turn in response is markedly increased. In EE STi kit version, rates have been optimized in order to make the transition from understeer to oversteer, smooth and enjoyable.

EE STi kit features proprietary spring rates and precisely engineered front bump rubber stops, a critical component of the suspension kit. The decrease in ride height effectively lowers the coefficient of gravity, as well as the front roll center and hence inclines the vehicle roll axis further up to the rear.

Overall, vehicle dynamics are improved in such a way that the final result is a better balanced car with more predictable handling that is noticeably more comfortable and, above all else, confidence inspiring!!!


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