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The Fast Motorsports Topmount Intercooler for the Subaru WRX is a direct factory replacement, that features a larger then stock core, and lower pressure drop. These 2 features previously stated allow the intercooler to flow more air while reducing the amount of pressure that is lost over the surface of the intercooler.

When pushing the car hard, the stock intercooler will heat soak quickly and take a long time to cool back down. This causes the performance of the motor to decline and power to suffer. The Fast Motorsports Top mount Intercooler is designed to work better for longer, and also allow a larger amount of air to pass through the core. The combination of these things will allow this intercooler to handle upwards of 400WHP. 

This product no longer has optional coating. Now only available in polished silver.


7 customers have reviewed this product.

Great product!

, Oct 17, 2014
The fitment is tight with my gtspec strut tower bar but it fits!! one thing i don't get is everyone drills and retapps the bpv mounting holes for stock sized screws when all you gotta do is go to autozone and pay 1.90 for a pack of 8mm bolts. the flange was flat and required no additional work. this is a great product and on my install all went well, with he product. just FYI the snorkel is metal so it may vibrate against the hood, throw something between the hood in the back to prevent vibrations.

great buy

, Oct 2, 2013
I purchased this tmic because I was having so many problems with my Perrin tmic. The main issue was getting the stock hose to stay on so I purchased the avo replacement and it helped but didn't solve the issue. I didn't want to go front mount so I gave this a try and it works perfectly. And I gained a little bit of torque

Happy overall with kit

, Feb 17, 2013
I purchased this kit through IIR about a month ago when it was up for the deal of the day. The intercooler arrived well packaged with all parts required for the install, however, no instructions were included as others have noted.

A few things to note. The diverter valve flange was not well machined with many tooling marks still on the piece. Secondly, the diverter valve bolts were not only the wrong size but they were also off by approximately 3/32 which I needed to correct. I, unlike others, have the tools so I machined the flange flat and adjusted the diverter bolt location and tapped them tot the correct 6mm bolt size that is used stock. Additionally, one of the mounting hardware adaptor plates was welded incorrectly which also needed to be fixed. I spent about 4 hours in the shop prepping the unit so help smooth the actual install. The kit could have probably been installed with less prep but I wanted it to be as near to perfect as possible.

The install itself took about two hours and went fairly smooth. You do need to cut a section out of the fire damper/blanket on the hood for the new air splitter to sit properly. Otherwise, all parts went in without a hitch and lined up perfectly. The unit DOES clear aftermarket strut bars by about 3/4 of an inch.

Bottom line, this unit was over 50% cheaper than the process west unit. Yes, it did take some massaging to bring it up to par with the competition, however, for the savings it was well worth it. Car runs fine, pulls hard, and the intake temps are reduced. Overall, I'm happy with unit.

Good looking product, poor execution

, Jan 15, 2013
I got my TMIC here sent via Fed EX requiring a signature which i liked. Opened the package and my custom powdercoated color was more purple than subaru electric blue.... but it still looks pretty awesome under the hood. All of the parts needed to install the TMIC were there, but there were NO INSTRUCTIONS? It took me a long time to figure out that i had to remove a bell housing bolt to place the undermount "Y" brace on there. Once that was figured out the rest was simple. Everything is pretty straight forward for install. It fits just right under the hood and i even have a strut tower bar. I thought i would be able to put my stock recirc- valve back on it, but the holes in the intercooler for mounting the BOV/RECIRC are not the same size as the stock bolts to mount the same equipment, so i had to go buy some seperate bolts to fit that on there to drive the car. Finally.... the replacement airdam that directs the incoming air from the hoodscoop over the top of the IC doesnt really make sense, as it doesnt have a guide to catch all of the air coming in.... it has two large gaps on the sides of the air dam that lets air in undirected. Everything worked out, I just REALLY wish there would have been instructions with the kit. It would have turned a 3 hour job into an hour and a half job. Still giving it 4 stars because it looks and sounds nice, i havent had a tune yet, but i can definately notice a difference in the cars pull all the way to redline now.

google is your instruction manual

, Dec 29, 2012
Very nice setup for a crazy price. Install was not bad at all. People who have problems must have gotten a bad run of kits or something. If you have difficulty with the install, there are step by steps on all the forums. Little noisier than stock, but you drive a WRX not a Lincoln Towncar. Flows enough to max out your stock turbo. I may gold foil wrap the hotside end tank to help with the little heatsoak I have encountered with this setup. Cheers IIR.

Not to bad..

, Jul 25, 2012
FItment of the intercooler not too bad i had to play around a little. The bad thing about this is i didnt get any bolts or screws to hold them beside the clamps that i got from them i had to use the bolts from my stock intercooler which still short.. they should check all the required hardwares before sending the intercooler and the necessities.. it'd be nice if they send me the bolts and screws that is needed to hold everything else..

Definitely better than stock, but noisy.

, Sep 11, 2011
If you're looking to stay top mount, this is definitely the way to go without spending the coin on the Process West, as this is mostly, spot-on copy. My only gripes would be the following; a little more noisy than stock (you will hear a whistle when mashing on the throttle) and some tweaking is required to install. All in all a good solid core for the money and you will get some great power gains vs stock.

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