Fortune Auto Sealed Radial Bearing Mounts - Universal

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This new bearing will replace our popular Thrust Needle Roller Bearing Upgrade. In short this new product works just like the Needle Roller Bearing upgrade, however it is a sealed unit that will no longer need any maintenance or cleaning

Annoying spring binding noises that sound like a "thunk" or a "twang" are a common problem for full-coilover systems on strut-based vehicles (applications that have camber plates.) This is an issue in all race coilover applications regardless of the manufacturer. These noises are a result of the mechanics of strut-based vehicles because the whole shock assembly turns with the wheel. On OEM setups there is a built-in bearing on the top hat assembly that isolates the top hat from the rest of the strut assembly. On race spec'd coilovers the spherical bearing (pillow ball hat) is not designed to handle the load. Since the spherical bearing is not designed to deal with these forces, the spring is forced to turn with the assembly and drags on the spring perches. The spring dragging on the perch does not damage the coilover assembly, but on a daily driver this "thunk" or "twang" noise can get old.

A few years ago, our engineers had designed a clever solution for this problem that utilized torrington needle bearings. These needle bearings encapsulated the spring and allowed it to turn on its own axis. The spring was free to turn on its own when the strut assembly turned and would no longer drag on the spring perch. We had offered this upgrade until recently and many users even purchased these bearings to use on other brands of coilovers. The one inherent problem with the torrington needle bearing solution was that these bearings were not sealed and eventually road grime, dust and even salt would work their way inside the bearing assembly and clog them. The solution for this was to take the coilovers apart and clean the needle bearings and then re-grease them. Customers that drove in dusty conditions or snow had to clean out their needle bearings frequently. We will continue to offer torrington needle bearings as a "track only" option.

Some suspension manufacturers opted to reduce spring binding noises by eliminating the solid top hat assembly all together and reusing the OEM top hats. This would give the user silent operation when using the OEM assembly. If the customer wanted a true race setup with camber plates and top hats they would either have to purchase the camber plates separately from the manufacturer as an option or buy the camber plate assembly from a 3rd party manufacturer.


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