Gates OEM Timing Component Kit Mazda Miata 89-05

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Gates OEM timing belt components for your 1990-1993 1.6L NA or 1994-2005 1.8L NB Miata deliver the performance and durability you expect from a Mazda OEM part. Gates parts are built to exact OEM specifications because Gates manufactures many of the parts you would get if you went to your local Mazda dealership's parts counter. The Gates timing components are available as a complete kit, the TCK179, which includes the T179 Timing Belt, T42005 Cam Idler Pulley, and the T41031 Cam Tensioner Assembly. You can also purchase the tensioner and pulley separately if you are planning on using the Gates Racing Timing Belt. It is highly recommended that you replace the KS14477 Crank Seal and the two KS13429 Cam Seals (two shown) at the same time as the other timing belt components.


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