Gimmick Motorsports Radiator 2000-2004 Subaru Legacy (Clearance)

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Used / Open Box / Visible Scratch & Dent

Going fast is great, but being able to go fast for a long time and not cause damage to those ever expensive engines is better than great, its Fantastic! This is why we have completed our 100% aluminum racing radiator! I took a while, but that seems to be pretty common with making anything this damn good!

Tired of paying insane prices for the "other" radiator's on the market but scared to risk your engine on a "ebay" brand radiator? As usual, GMS has the solution. How do we solve this? Buy buying in larger quantities than "the other guys" and passing along the savings to YOU!

The Gimmick Motorsports High Standard Aluminum Radiator for the Subaru Legacy features an advanced aluminum brazing process for stronger and more reliable welds which eliminates the possibility of pin holes and cracks. Up to 30% increased cooling efficiency to help protect your engine as well as increased flow and heat dissipation for more efficient operation and less stress on those crucial cooling system parts.


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