Gram Lights 57FXX 20X10.0 +30 5-114.3 BLACK/MACHINING - Universal

Gram Lights
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The 57FXX who worked on large-diameter head-as Gram Lights, Set 20 inches size earth casting which is the brand's first. Spoke silhouette of racing wheel-derived, has combines at a high level strength and lightness By top part thin as possible, so as to have a mass in the depth direction is called the longitudinal section. The visual effects to show even larger than it actually is by concave design fall sharply and emphasize rim-over design, the length of the spoke is one of the aim. Rim width setting of 1/2 inch increments also realized lightly by RCF technology that extends the rim flange, it is possible to achieve a strong rim, we also meet to wear it of premium car that master the variety.

Universal Product - This part is non application specific. Please verify compatibility before purchase. May require some modification for proper installation.


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