GReddy Front Mount Intercooler Kit Nissan GT-R 2009-2015

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There is no question that lower intake temperatures equal more power. The Greddy FMIC does just that and relocates two large intercooler cores in the front of the car. The cores measure 266 x 260 x 115mm, the end tanks are buffed and polished, and are both coated to reduce any chance of corrosion. This intercooler setup has shown gains of 11hp and 11lbs of torque on the GT-R with much better mid range power as well. The kit comes with everything needed for installation and uses two anodized plates to direct air to the cores. This setup is to be used with stock intercooler piping or upgraded intercooler piping such as the Agency Power piping kit. Greddy designed this kit to be a direct bolt on unit and is a must for any GT-R owner looking for maximum performance from their car.

FITMENT:Nissan GT-R 2009-2015

Part Number: 12020483


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