Greddy Transmission Cooler Kit Nissan GTR 2009-2015

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The Greddy transmission cooler kit will help prolong the life of your transmission oil and in turn the transmission components. A reinforced fiberglass air duct (similar to the OEM unit on the other side of the car) directs cool air to Greddy's signature blue 13 row cooler mounted inside the front fender. The internal thermostat ensures quick fluid warm-up and consistent oil temps. Carefully designed lightweight -14 hard-lines & braided-lines allow for minimal routing lengths and maximum flow. All necessary mounts, hose fitting and 3 piece billet flanges with o-rings are included for a complete and professional installation. Replacement GT-R transmissions are far from cheap, protect yours with this high quality kit from Greddy.


  • Fiberglass air duct
  • Hardlines and Mounts
  • Internal Thermostat Adapter
  • Greddy Oil Cooler
  • AN Lines with gaskets, fittings, and all hardware

Part Number: 12024810


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