Grimmspeed 3in Downpipe Adapter for Subaru

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Kill that exhaust leak for GOOD! This adapter only works with flared end and it creates a smooth transition from your 3in downpipe to your OEM midpipe.


  • Flanged for OEM Donut Gasket
  • Indestructible Steel CNC Laser cut construction 
  • Simple bolt on installation.(With bolts included)
  • Will Not obstruct exhaust flow like other adapters.(Flared end guarantees smooth exhaust flow) 

Exhaust leaks seem to be an all-too-common issue with most modded Subarus. They tend to spring up out of nowhere and cause hours of troubleshooting headaches. The most guaranteed leak you will get though is if you run an aftermarket 3in downpipe to an OEM or OEM like 2.5in Exhaust. Compare our adapter to the competition and you will immediatly see why we offer the best solution to finally end that pesky leak.

Cut from Steel and hand welded these pieces were born tough. With the ability to work with both flat style gaskets AND donut gaskets they cannot be matched. If that wasn't enough we flared out one end to just shy of 3in so that unlike the competitors, our adapter will not block flow!


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Good quality

, May 28, 2012
Used this on my FMS downpipe and stock catback. Don't forget to buy a donut gasket for the DP to CB. My old one was straight-up destroyed.
Take the time to clean the gunk out of your old catback so this makes a solid fit.
Only reason I gave it four stars was because I still have a leak. This can be solved by correctly cleaning out the old cat-back (something I plan on doing soon) and by high heat gasket sealant around the donut (if you want to be absolutely sure there are no leaks).

Can't say anything better about Import Image. Josh helped me get this piece so I didn't have to have my car up on jacks any longer than necessary (I honestly didn't know the new 3" DP wouldn't hook up to the stock cat-back without this adapter.)


Also, the GS has the flanged 3" bit. Which I'd assume would help a ton with correct airflow. Based on that, I'd recommend this over the other adapter on this site.

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