GrimmSpeed Gold Wheel Paint - Universal

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GrimmSpeed presents "GrimmSpeed Gold", your only BBS gold wheel paint can't even get this color directly from BBS!! Our engineers have been working on this color match the entire summer and it is finally here! We personally know that when you damage those beauitful gold BBS rims it is impossible to find a paint that is an exact match so you end up with the whole world knowing that you rubbed that extra high curb. Well now you can spray a bit of our "GrimmSpeed Gold" Wheel Paint on them and they will look like new!

And for all of you that don't have BBS wheels, well now you can paint your wheels the same color as the BBS wheels. Being Subaru owners ourselves, we are all addicted to the gold look but it is impossible to find a good gold color at your local paint/auto parts store(especially one that is even remotely close to BBS gold). Search no more!

The paint is an acrylic enamel. Essentially one of the most durable single component paint available (paint able to be sprayed out of a rattle can).

Takes two cans of paint for a set of four wheels.


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, Mar 27, 2013
This is the best way to give your car a Good new look, at least until you can buy some BBS or TSW rims.

Great Paint

, May 16, 2010
I didn't actually use this paint for a Subi, instead for a track wheels for a motorcycle, and the color is pefect! I would highly recommend this product for anyone looking for that Subaru gold!

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