Grimmspeed Turbo Heat Shield - Subaru

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Grimmspeed Turbo Heat Shield for Subaru WRX, STI, Forester XT and Legacy GT. We knew when it came time to design this product we didn't want to just create another heat shield to add to the mix, but create another level of product. The basic heat shield would not cut it, we wanted every fitment of turbo, downpipe, and up pipe combination we could work into one design. We measured, cut, bent, welded, riveted, and after many tested prototypes we arrived at a heatshield we are extremely proud of. Other heatshields had problems with cracking, poor fitment, or poor heat coverage but we would not settle for this! So here it is, elegantly simple in style, but painstakingly engineered in design. It's what you can expect from GrimmSpeed.


  • Enhanced Turbo/Downpipe Coverage
  • Fits all Factory and Most Aftermarket Turbos
  • Durable 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Intercooler Stays MUCH Cooler
  • Fits Most Downpipes
  • Only Heat Shield that works with External Wastegate Up Pipes
  • Won't Overheat Your Turbo like a Turbo Blanket


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, Apr 9, 2013
Good quality part. Easy install. You need to keep your stock heat shield brackets though! I threw mine out after installing a new DP. Had to order a new one. Like I said, real easy and quick install. 3 bolts, all the same size using stock bolting points. Looking forward to seeing the improved around town driving difference compared to sans heat shield driving.

Great Product

, Jul 21, 2012
As summer came I knew I needed a heat shield, Josh said this one fit well. It was easy enough to install, 10+mins. I can now touch the intercooler bracket and tab after driving. Helps out with in town driving. Thanks again Josh and Congrats!

Sooo perttty

, May 28, 2012
First thing I noticed when I opened this up, I saw it had a white plastic protecting the outside of the shield.
Install was easy enough (using the video on the right).
After taking the plastic protection off (I'd recommend doing this before install) I noticed how good looking this thing really is.
Fit perfect with my FMS UpPipe and FMS DownPipe. Even with the heat wrapping on them.
Just don't forget to install the old turbo mounting bracket onto the top downpipe bolts.

Easy install. Looks great. Can't really say for performance, but I'm sure it's getting its job done.

A+ again


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