Hawk Quiet Slotted Street Rear Rotor Mitsubishi EVO 8 / 9 2003-2009

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Hawk Quiet Slot rotors for the 03-06 Evo 8 & 9 represent the culmination of Hawk’s expert brake pad development with a new performance rotor options designed to both enhance performance and reduce noise. Hawk Quiet Slot rotors are cast from a proprietary formulation of premium alloys. First, noise dampening steel and long grain carbon iron is cast into each rotor for maximum thermal stability. Next, Hawk utilizes a Molybdenum additive for high temperature strength and crack resistance. This unique alloy blend ensures long rotor life and great stopping power. All Hawk Quiet Slot rotors are direct factory replacement feature a unidirectional vane design (no need for separate LEFT and RIGHT rotors). The OE style vane design coupled with increased heat capacity will improve the life of both the rotor and pad. Hawk Quiet Stop rotors are also treated with their proprietary GEOMET water-based coating to prevent rust and corrosion. The GEOMET coating contains metal oxides, metallic zinc and aluminum flakes. This aluminum-gray colored coating is applied to each rotor and then cured for optimal performance. The end result is a cost effective solution for a performance rotor system much quieter and more durable than many competitors.

Features & Notes:

  • Direct OE replacement
  • Unidirectional vanes
  • Improved structural strength, noise dampening and heat capacity over similar designs
  • Improved brake pad and rotor life
  • GEOMET® coating protects surfaces from rust and corrosion
  • Swirl ground surface for improved brake pad bed-in and "green" out of the box performance
  • Improves wet weather brake performance
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