HKS 272/272 Camshafts Toyota Supra Turbo 1993-1998

2202-RT085 & 2202-RT086
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HKS 272 Cams for 93-98 Supra Turbo are CAD designed to optimize torque and horsepower over the widest possible power band. Lower profiles offer substantial gains in power and a broad useable power band with little compromise in drivability. Higher profiles offer greater increases in power, but are tailored for the higher RPM range and racing applications.

HKS camshafts are not reground OEM units; they are machined from new billet cores which are constructed from a high nickel content iron alloy. By manufacturing all camshafts from billet cores, HKS is able to produce camshafts that equal or exceed the quality of the OEM units they are designed to replace. Due to the higher profile of HKS camshafts, HKS high performance valve springs are highly recommended, and required in certain applications.

A great upgrade for Supras looking to push to more power out of aftermarket turbos. Idle and low end driveability will be affected, but high end power will make you forget all about that. Upgraded valve springs are a must to minimize valve float.

Special Notes:

  • Duration: 272 intake / 272 exhaust
  • Lift: 9.3mm / 9.3mm

FITMENT:Toyota Supra 1993-1998 Turbo ONLY

Part Numbers: 2202-RT085 & 2202-RT086


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