HKS 700cc Fuel Injectors Nissan GTR 2009-2015

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As you attempt to raise the boost on your 2009-2015 Nissan GT-R, the amount of boost that can be adjusted is limited by the strength of the engine and the fuel delivery system. When stock injectors reach their peak flow, they can no longer provide enough fuel for more boost, the same goes for the stock fuel pump. This is where HKS comes in to play with their drop-in high flow injectors and twin high-flow fuel pumps for your GT-R. HKS offers their top-feed high flow injectors in both 700cc and 860cc capacities, offering enough fuel for the largest turbo upgrades and an abundance of boost. These injectors are sold in sets of six (6) and require an additional engine or fuel management system (such as the Cobb AccessPORT) to function safely. Fuel injector kits are available with or without the twin fuel pump upgrade.

Injectors are sold in sets of 6.
ECU tuning is required.

FITMENT:Nissan GT-R 2009-2015

Part Number: 14002-AN002


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