HKS Hybrid Sports Oil Filter for Mazda RX-8 2004-2011

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HKS' Hybrid Sports filter improves oil pressure drop and flow properties by approximately 30% compared to other oil filters. The large diameter "Super Intake Hole" and newly developed low resistance hybrid filter allows for minimum pressure loss. Engine response is improved by reducing the load on the engine. Most sports oil filters are designed around high viscosity oil and therefore filter paper strength is prioritized while sacrificing pressure loss properties. The HKS Hybrid Sports filter has readdressed filter strength and overall structure to provide the oil flow that the engine requires and pursue HKS' ideals in what is required from a sports oil filter.Why trust your engine to a standard oil filter when HKS offers a superior filter?


Collects Metallic Debris

A neodymium magnet is placed at the back of the filter where oil can collect, picking up small metal particles and fragments.

Great Quality

Unwoven cloth and special plastic fiber composite is used ensuring high strength and low pressure loss. A refined but tough filter has been achieved which can withstand high pressure and high viscosity.

Great Filtration

The filtration performance JIS standard is 25µ whereas HKS is 20µ, providing you the best protection in an oil filter for your sports car.




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