HKS Super Hybrid Filters Nissan 370Z

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Add horsepower and torque without replacing the entire air box assembly with the HKS Super Hybrid Filter. The filter replaces the oem airbox filter and can be installed in minutes. The Hybrid Drop-In filter provides excellent filtration.

Part Number: 70017-AN004


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HKS Super Hybrid Air Filters for 370 Z

, May 22, 2013
The First thing I noticed was a substantial Increase in Horsepower and Torque! On a road trip from Central Texas to Atlanta,Ga.I averaged well over 600 + a Full tank of,Premium Gas!
I was told that,these Filters were reusable when,I purchased them but,I have since heard otherwise so,I'm not sure how credible hat Info.was? But,I'll continue using these Filters.They're very Cost Effective!!.

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